Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August 30, 2011

Wow, lots of information this week! crazy stuff. So cole Got his mission call! Finally. I've been waiting to hear that for like 2 months. But that's awesome. Is Tacoma, Washington in Grandma's boundaries? Thats cool! tell him congrats for me and good luck! Are you going to invite his mom to the lunch thingys then? Yeah I wanted to ask you if you had befriended Paytons mom/Family, I love Payton and am really interested about his mission. He will be an amazing missionary and I'm not just saying that like everyone does. He is a really spirtitual kid, dispite his soccer field countenance. Like me also.... haha Good old time on the soccer field. 

So thats crazy to hear about the your new calling!  What does it exactly entail? I know the Lord will help you. And using the Book of Mormon is an excellent Idea! Reminds me a lot of something we have been using for Recieving Personal revelation! exactly what you need! Its called (PLV) Stands for Preperare La Via, (Prepare the Road) To Preperare La Via you need to Pregare(Pray) Leggere(Read) And Venire in Chiesa(come to church). These three things will help us to receive revelation. For investigators to help them gain a personnal testimony in the Book of Mormon and thus the Church and it can help you to receive the nessecary revelations for your new calling.... A General Conference talk comes to mind when I think about this... In Elder Neil L Andersons first conference talk as a newly ordained Apostle, he said that when President Monson Interviewed him for the calling he told him that "the Lord shapes the back for the burden that is placed thereupon". I know this is true... I know that he shaped the back of the prophet Joseph Smith so he could accomplish the great work and responsibility that was given him. Throughout the ages of time, God has always helped his faithful servants, from Moses to Joseph to the common missionary, God always shapes the back for the burden that is placed there upon. I know that God will help you mother. If you do your part, which I know you will, God will always do his. That's the blessing. God will always keep his side of the bargain. Best Of luck and let me know how everything goes.

Last Pday The Zone leaders were out of town so it was just my companion and me in the city. We had heard of wars and rumors of wars of an enchanted place known as Ikea on the other side of town. So we got on a bus and searched for it! long story short we finally found it
and had a great day trying out chairs and couches! and also... Ikea is the one and only place in all of Italy with unlimted fountain drinks.... You know how much soda I can put down... So after that we had a lot of sofa trying out to do... It was a lot of fun...

I havent gotten the CD, I dont think it made it. I have obtained a vast collection the last month or two... All I really want is Shawshank Redemption Soundtrack... Thats all I need.

Thanks for you letter this week. Have a blast at Bear lake! and the new School year!

Love Anziano Mendel

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