Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 3

Its P-day already the weeks are starting to get faster. I have so much to tell you but at the same time nothing at all. There's nothing really new happening here at the MTC, Besides the older missionaries leaving at 10:00 am. We had to move rooms the other day. The Italians had an entire floor of classrooms to ourselves (you have one classroom that is yours and you can leave your stuff in there). We got moved a building over. Now we're with a Bunch of Russians and  Ukrainians.

  So how's life at home going? I so loved your package this week. Super awesome! the Bannana bread turned out great! i dont know what you were talking about. I shared it with the big somoan tongan missionaries next store. then we had a sweet jam session on the Ukelali. That was awesome. They're all amazing at it. The pictures were just what I needed. Can you send more? I want to see how the Professional pictures look? can you not get copies of those? Just send so more of you all, Send some more of my friend pics too. You know.... Thanks :)

 Well I'm totally obsessed with the BOM right now. I've never read it like this before. The spirit at the MTC is so strong I feel like we just feed off of eachother and it makes studying the BOM an amazing experience. Im already at the End of Alma and I just love it. Captain Moroni is probably the coolest person to ever live.

  The language is going alright. I feel like I can understand it decently. But making my own sentences is outta the question right now. Everyone is at different levels. I try not to compare but its hard not to.
TRC went good on Monday, We commited our investigator to Church next week and read the Book of Mormon. We gave him 3 Nephi 11, and 2 Nephi 31-33.

  How are things back at home this week? Whats up with Dad and work? We didn't get mail Satuday, Sunday and Monday so if you wrote me I wont get it till tonight and thus wont be able to respond til next week. unless its something short I can answer. I Really wish I had more time on the computers here. Cant wait to get to Milan. i would pack up and leave right now if I could. I love you all so much and really do feel the blessings of your prayers and lettes. keep sending them.

Ci Vediamo
Anziano Mende

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 2

Hey Mother and Family!

Its P day Tuesday again and I can write to you. I wrote you a letter already today a pretty long letter that's in the mail right now. But I'll make the most of my email time. I just got back from the temple. I did sealings   with a few missionaries from my group and it was an awesome experience. My first time doing sealings. I think I did over 20 names.

So how are things at the house? Was Kelsey's wedding just spectacular? The Highrise thingy at the U is where the brighton winter formal dance was.  I'm so thankful for the packages that I got this week. Awesome stuff. The calendar! you went overboard. The week for me has been pretty good honestly.  Ive found my grove and style and I am no newbie anymore. I Just got back from the bookstore and will be sending you some pictures in 2-3 days. Ive got some really good ones. I said this in my letter home but It'd be awesome if you could print some pictures off of Facebook of all my friends and then of course of you my family. (riley too) I have a space in my room to put up pictures and its looking pretty bare.

How was the valentines Day? Did dad do something nice for you? I'm sure he did. Davis I'm sure is on his game. Did Dani have a valentine? Justin.... Your too young. :) I've really been getting into the Book of Mormon here at the MTC, I have so much time in the classroom a day. (12 hours of class each day) I love the transformation of Alma the Younger. He never loses faith after he saw that angel like laman and lemual did.

On Mondays we do a exercise called TRC(Training Resourse center) and we give lessons to proxy investigators. This last week was awesome. I thought E. Taggart and myself did a great job teaching about the restoration and even though it wasn't real the Spirit was really strong. We gave him challenges to read and pray about the book of mormon and showed him Moroni 10:3-4. It was great. Italian... well Italian. It's hard to judge where I'm at with Italian because everyone is at different places. So many people here have past experiences with Italian or a foreign language. The older group of Italians got there flight plans and they leave this upcoming Tuesday. So exciting! But really sad at the same time. I've grown to love and admire many of them. They are really helpful and its gonna be tough to see them go. We'll be the oldest Italians here. Did I say that there are 38 more Italians coming in 3 weeks I think. Crazy. The older 2 districts have only Milan missionaries so 12 of them are on the same flight. They fly to Denver, to Frankfurt and then to Milan. Quite the journey.

My Time is running up look forward to my letter which says much more in the coming days. I Love you all. Keep sending your prayers and letters. Letters are like Gold around here. Candy is Free. Seriously everyone is trying to get rid of their candy. Cant wait to hear back from you. Tell me everything that's going on, especially your lives.


Elder Mendel

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 1

You asked how a typical day is in the MTC is so we wake up at 6:30 everyday and are at the cafeteria by 7:00 for breakfast, class starts at 7:30 where we have a teacher teach us about being a missionary but only in Italian, they dont speak in English much which is kinda a new thing here. We have class for 3-4 hours at a time which is really hard on my butt. We have lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 4:30. We always have MDT 4 hours a day. 1 hour personal study 1 hour companionship study and then language/district study. I have 12 people in my district. 8 elders and 4 sisters. 2 of the sisters speak almost perfect Italian already. learning the language is super hard but i've learned so much of it in the 6 days ive been here.

There were 24 italian missionaries who came in the same day I did. The Milan and Rome mission were rezoned in the last month. Florence and Tuscany are now apart of the Milan mission. which is really cool. 38 new Italian missionaries are coming in 5 weeks which will make for a huge italian zone in the MTC.

I have made really good friends here. Elder Free and me play great basketball together and my DL is awesome to Elder Vitali, the older Italian missionaries are awesome. Elder Wilkey from England and Elder Portellano from France are way funny and helpful. one of my Zone Leaders is a kid that played on that Newcastle team I played on.  he's way nice and a good basketball player.

I dont have a lot of time to E mail so I would recomend telling people and yourseld using Dear Elder to write to me. did you put my address up on facebook? I love getting letters.

Well I love you all my time is up. I miss you all so much! wheres Riley!

Anziano Mendel