Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 3

Its P-day already the weeks are starting to get faster. I have so much to tell you but at the same time nothing at all. There's nothing really new happening here at the MTC, Besides the older missionaries leaving at 10:00 am. We had to move rooms the other day. The Italians had an entire floor of classrooms to ourselves (you have one classroom that is yours and you can leave your stuff in there). We got moved a building over. Now we're with a Bunch of Russians and  Ukrainians.

  So how's life at home going? I so loved your package this week. Super awesome! the Bannana bread turned out great! i dont know what you were talking about. I shared it with the big somoan tongan missionaries next store. then we had a sweet jam session on the Ukelali. That was awesome. They're all amazing at it. The pictures were just what I needed. Can you send more? I want to see how the Professional pictures look? can you not get copies of those? Just send so more of you all, Send some more of my friend pics too. You know.... Thanks :)

 Well I'm totally obsessed with the BOM right now. I've never read it like this before. The spirit at the MTC is so strong I feel like we just feed off of eachother and it makes studying the BOM an amazing experience. Im already at the End of Alma and I just love it. Captain Moroni is probably the coolest person to ever live.

  The language is going alright. I feel like I can understand it decently. But making my own sentences is outta the question right now. Everyone is at different levels. I try not to compare but its hard not to.
TRC went good on Monday, We commited our investigator to Church next week and read the Book of Mormon. We gave him 3 Nephi 11, and 2 Nephi 31-33.

  How are things back at home this week? Whats up with Dad and work? We didn't get mail Satuday, Sunday and Monday so if you wrote me I wont get it till tonight and thus wont be able to respond til next week. unless its something short I can answer. I Really wish I had more time on the computers here. Cant wait to get to Milan. i would pack up and leave right now if I could. I love you all so much and really do feel the blessings of your prayers and lettes. keep sending them.

Ci Vediamo
Anziano Mende

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