Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14, 2012


This last week has been a pretty good week. I dont even know what to talk about. It has just been a normal week... We didn't have District meeting this week because we have a zone conf. tomorrow in Verona. I haven't received the Hump day package or the calendar yet. If it doesn't come tomorrow then I will start to worry that they have been lost. They changed from having office sisters to office elders and they are still getting the hang of things in the office. So hopefully they will show up tomorrow at the conference.

The weather is changing over here. The days are becoming beautiful and it is the perfect time of year to be a missionary. Not too hot, not too cold, there are people out and about who are now willing to stop and talk because they are not dying from the cold or burning from the heat... We have found a few new people to teach because of this change in weather as well as attitude... So our teaching pool is at a good point right now and hopefully we can start moving forward with a few of our investigators...

C****** the non member father of that amazing family of new converts had a surgery on his leg and needs to take a shot every day in the belly for a couple weeks... we went over there the first night after his surgery. He told me that he can't do it himself and no one else wants to do it... (give him the shot) so he asked if i would do it. So I did it. I've done it serveral times now... Each time he squeals like a girl. It's hilarious.

You asked what I do as district leader... all I really do is plan district meetings, plan a scambio with everyone in my district and then collect everyone's numbers sunday night and give them to the ZLs.

Yeah I would love to get a written letter from you. It's been awhile. No worries though. I know
you have been very very busy...

I thought your talk was great... you're right the kids will associate avatar with Big and Blue.

Well love you all so much, thanks for everything!

Anz. Mendel

Trevor Appears in Italian Newspaper

For those of you who know Trevor well, he loved fashion prior to his mission and still does. Being called to Milan, Italy was like a dream come true for him.  He told me today that his picture appeared in a newspaper article about fashion on the streets of Milan.

How appropriate for him, don't you think?  Click below to see the article.

The caption under his picture talks about the fashion of finance brokers, the short tie, white shirt and three button suit.  How funny that in reality it is the fashion of our Helaman's warriors....

Italian Newspaper Article

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8, 2012

BuonGiorno Family!

Thanks this week for your emails. It was nice hearing from you. I'm really sorry to hear about J****** and his medical problems that just seem to never go away... Send him my best for me and let him know I'm praying for him.

This first week with my new companion has been great! We've seen many miracles that are jump starting our work. First Anz. O***** and I get along great. He is a hard worker, and a really nice guy. He's also very obedient so he will help me to do the same. He is from a lil town in southern Utah called Escalante. His graduating class was 12 people so that should tell a lot about where he lives. So yeah things are going good with the companion.

So after District meeting in Verona this week, I did a scambio with Anz. M******. He's actually a Trainee. He had been in the country 4 days when we did the scambio and I'm extremely thankful for him. He brought to Mantova some Trainee miracles... Together we found 3 new families to teach in a casa area given to us by our branch mission leader... It was great. 2 of those familes were brazilian too so BOOM Brazilian branch. Brazilain families to teach. Brazilian Families to baptise. It was a great scambio apart from almost getting mauled by a HUGE Rottweiler.

This week we passed by a young new convert to invite him to a young mens activity and ask why he wasnt in church this week. This new convert has had a little struggle making it to church every week. I would say he makes a little less then half the time to church. But
anyways, we passed by and he was at his house with a friend. We saluted the friend, he didn't speak much Italian, they are all Brazilian. The new convert turned to me and said "He wants to come to church with me this week". We talked for a few minutes and then Had to
go... The next day at the Activity, C****** the new convert straight up told me that his friend wants to be baptized and that we should come before Sunday and teach him... This was truly a miracle. Not only will this help his friend but it will strengthen his own testimony in the church as he sees his friend progress towards baptism.

So to answer your questions... The weather has warmed up quite a bit. I no longer have to haul around my big over coat. As for Finding we have found lots of new investigators this week so our teaching pool has expanded substantially. For me, If you plan out your day well like you should, you should never be stuck doing more than 2 hours of finding work at a time. After that much time of Finding work you get really tired and the quality/desire fades and people notice that. So one thing I've really learned in the mission is the importance of
planning well with lessons to investigators, less actives and members around finding work.

I'm at a good spot in the mission now. You know last transfer with Anz. Z****** we spoke italian just about 100% of the time. I learned a ton. I finally feel now with my Italian that I don't have to think to speak. It seems my moments of growth in any aspect of missionary life come
in sections, or blocks of time. Usually revolved around each new companion I receive. When I recieve a new comp I realize how much I've learned from the last. And in this last case the biggest difference has been my Italian. I'm finally happy where my Italian is. I still want to better myself continually though.

Love you.

Anz. Mendel