Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trevor Appears in Italian Newspaper

For those of you who know Trevor well, he loved fashion prior to his mission and still does. Being called to Milan, Italy was like a dream come true for him.  He told me today that his picture appeared in a newspaper article about fashion on the streets of Milan.

How appropriate for him, don't you think?  Click below to see the article.

The caption under his picture talks about the fashion of finance brokers, the short tie, white shirt and three button suit.  How funny that in reality it is the fashion of our Helaman's warriors....

Italian Newspaper Article


  1. How cool is that! I will have to send it to Brayden. What a stud!=)

  2. with Anz Bona and Portellano, right before Bona left for home. We saw this too, and loved it....

  3. Camille - I keep forgetting to tell you how cool this is! It is funny that they used pictures of missionaries!