Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14, 2012


This last week has been a pretty good week. I dont even know what to talk about. It has just been a normal week... We didn't have District meeting this week because we have a zone conf. tomorrow in Verona. I haven't received the Hump day package or the calendar yet. If it doesn't come tomorrow then I will start to worry that they have been lost. They changed from having office sisters to office elders and they are still getting the hang of things in the office. So hopefully they will show up tomorrow at the conference.

The weather is changing over here. The days are becoming beautiful and it is the perfect time of year to be a missionary. Not too hot, not too cold, there are people out and about who are now willing to stop and talk because they are not dying from the cold or burning from the heat... We have found a few new people to teach because of this change in weather as well as attitude... So our teaching pool is at a good point right now and hopefully we can start moving forward with a few of our investigators...

C****** the non member father of that amazing family of new converts had a surgery on his leg and needs to take a shot every day in the belly for a couple weeks... we went over there the first night after his surgery. He told me that he can't do it himself and no one else wants to do it... (give him the shot) so he asked if i would do it. So I did it. I've done it serveral times now... Each time he squeals like a girl. It's hilarious.

You asked what I do as district leader... all I really do is plan district meetings, plan a scambio with everyone in my district and then collect everyone's numbers sunday night and give them to the ZLs.

Yeah I would love to get a written letter from you. It's been awhile. No worries though. I know
you have been very very busy...

I thought your talk was great... you're right the kids will associate avatar with Big and Blue.

Well love you all so much, thanks for everything!

Anz. Mendel

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