Thursday, April 12, 2012

March 28, 2012

Hey so this week has been pretty good. For missionaries the upcoming days before General Conference are like the last days before summer break... I'm really excited for Conference this year... I'm a lil disappointed I don't have a solid investigator who can come though...
Maybe we will be able to find someone elect in the next couple of days... We have been spreading the word to pretty much everyone we meet that a prophet of God will speak to the whole world this weekend... Just not too many people are interested... Mantova from what I've seen and experienced is super dooper Catholic, Like more than the rest of Italy..  So back to Conference I am really excited. We actually have predicted all the speakers for all the sessions... The apostle speakers that is. And then come up with nicknames for the apostles.... Here are a few, and the ones we can't think of I'll ask for some help on....

Thomas the Monsoon Monson
Boyd Skull Cracker Packer
L. Tommahawk Perry
Russel the Muscle Nelson
Dallin dont make no jokes Oaks
M. Russell the Hustler Ballard
Richard the O.G. Scott
Jeffrey R. u kidding me Holland
Henry B. Cryring
David A. Bednargly
D. Todd Pissed'offerson

Pretty hilarious huh? My favorite is Henry B Eryings for sure.

Cool to hear that mom will have a General Authority at girls camp this year... I'm sure everything will go so well that when the General Authority sees how smooth everything went and meets mom that she go back to SLC and put in some major brownie points with the guy upstairs for mom to go G.A. I could see it happen. Us missionaries call this A.P. points :)

The District is doing amazing this transfer... Im really lucky to have a district this bravo. Everyone is working super hard and the district as a whole is having a lot of success... The sisters had a baptism the other week even. I don't have to do much. And we are all teaching 20 lessons or more a week.

This week C+++++ came to chuch for the first time after his Leg operation. He came for all 3 hours which was great. However, Z**** wasn't in church... The whole thing has been very Discouraging really... This last week actually... Long story short we cant get a hold of him anymore... His phone is always turned off, he's never home when we pass by him. And he didn't come to church... We have searched and searched for him but we can't find him... we haven't seen him since last Tuesday. Its been really discouraging when you find someone who is able to come to church, able to meet with you, you have great powerful lessons, they say they want to be baptised and the spirit confirms it and then the next week they dissapear. The same thing happened in Ferrara. Remember the story about Z****? Just a never ending reality I guess.

Yes dad I was able to sit in one of the Ferraris. Very Nice, However I am quite large and don't know if it's the car for me.... :)

So Prague for 8 days.... How far is Prague from Verona International Airport? Hah, Just kidding.

Well Love you all.

A presto

Anz. Mendel

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