Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 9, 2012

Dear Family, 
Well this week has been good, pretty basic, nothing out of the ordinary has happened like last week. Thanks for your emails this week and sorry again about the last minute notice. Remember I told you we have Zone Conference in Verona this P-day. As for transfers they aren't til next week. This last transfer was a 7 week transfer beacuse the previous was only 5 weeks. I'm expecting to stay in Mantova for another. It makes sense. I'm not ready to leave and I definitely don't want another companion. Anz. Owens is way too cool to only do 1 with him. And yes your right, if I stay in Mantova it's for sure I will be able to use skype for Mother's Day. 

For Easter, Church was kind of a disaster. The branch was just super unorganized this week for some reason. There weren't a lot of people there. I saw how unorganized they were so I walked up and told the branch president that if he needed me to give a talk, I'm always available. So of course, he called on me to speak... It's not hard to give talks here. With less than 20 people in the room only 4 of them are even listening at one given time. Plus the fact that we are more like a family. 

After church we spent the whole day with the members. Normal meal. In fact. I thought I would bring a lil American tradition into the meal so I made Deviled eggs. They turned out great for never making them before. It was a fun process making them with the members. My comp also made some Bannana bread. It was a really good day. We watched the movie on on the resurection of Christ. The bible videos. Seen it? 

Our investigator who was stabbed, Z****, is doing good. Still recovering though. We are working now really just trying to help him gain a testimony in Jesus Christ. Coming from a muslim background it's the most important thing right now. I don't think I have ever taught someone like him before. Its a new experience. Just teaching someone the basics of Christianity. But he's making progress. I think he will be baptised. 

There was a huge thunder storm in Mantova this last week. Lightning above our heads and everything. So we found refuge in the house of a member in the city to escape the storm. We got to the member's house soaked and cold. About 20 min after we arrived the rain stopped and the sun came out. It was about 7:15. Cold and wet I was content to just stay inside and teach the member family which is actually part non member, the father isn't baptised, we're working with him. But anyways. My comp then suggested we go out while there still was a little sun and do some inviti and parco next to the member's house and then return later. So we did. And we found an amazing new investigator named M***** from Calabria. He almost begged us to see us again and was really interested in Jospeh Smith and the First Vision when we presented it to him. It would have been easy to make the excuse and stay inside warm and dry. My companion being close to the spirit had other ideas and pushed me to go that next step. 

So Dad asked about the Italy/Netherlands trip for next year. I think 3 weeks sounds good. Maybe even a lil less. A month might get a lil long. You asked about where we should we go... where we should fly into and depart. Just depends on where we want to go. You want to go South too I assume? Are we going to have a car or trains? I am somewhat of an expert with trains so either way.... Basically the cities that we have to see are Rome, Napoli(pompeii) Firenze,(Pisa is an hour train from Firenze) Venezia and Milano. But there is so much else to see as well...  Is it going to be just our family or are the Dotys coming? Either way will be awesome. Also I would recommend we do a day at the beach too. To relax. I remember when Dani and I came touring. It is really tiring to tour around all day. I break might be a good Idea to plan. We wont have an temper tantrums with us will we? Haha wow how the family has changed... Let me know what you are thinking. Also Another thing it would be nice to see some members on the return trip... I could set up some really quality italian meals with some members.... It might be worth the hassle... That is pretty much it... Tell me what you  think. I dont want to be selfish and take time from the family seeing Italy. 

Love you all. 

Anz. Mendel 

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