Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 4

Hello Family!,
  How is everything going back at home this last week? Anything exciting happening? besides mothers cruise of course is she back from that yet?So everything is going pretty good for me here in the Mtc now. Its March Today! no more Feb and its really nice. 1 down and 23 to go. Yesterday the head Italian teacher and a couple other teachers brought all the Italians into a room and kinda had a ceremony leaving behind English for the next 2 years. We made a gate with 2 desks and walked through leaving behind English. Yikes.. Already. I'll be honest. we've used a lot of English in that last day but I've spoken more Italian in this last 24 hours then probably the whole time I've been here. I'm learning a lot but every time i think i know a lot my pride and confidence gets shattered down to the ground. Last night Elder Taggart and I taught our first progressive investigator in only Italian! I hope and pray that I can learn this language.

  The Samoan missionaries next to us are so awesome. We are like all best friends now! they are all so chill and funny. One kid Paid for his entire mission by doing stand up comedy! I have no doubt he's being real about that cause he is so Outrageously funny! honestly I cry with laughter when he talks. Elder Vitali and I entered into a covenant together last week. We work out every night. We do 1 push up then stand up and raise our hands above our heads 10 times then 2 push ups and raise our hands above our head ten times all the way up to 10. And that is a Work OUT! try it. I do abs too. We're gonna be ripped by the time we leave. And I'll hopefully be able to continue throughout my entire mission. We went to the temple earlier this morning. We did inititories. Thats prob my favorite thing to do at the temple. It was awesome of course and the best part about it was getting breakfast in the cafeteria after! Real Eggs and Cheese! crazy how the MTC gets away with feeding us the stuff they do.  I see Landon all day long on Sundays we have the exact same schedule so we eat together, walk to the temple together and watch the movie together. Its awesome catching up with him. His companion is pretty awesome, They're all so funny and all look the same. its really funny. I haven't gained much weight while I'm here. I'm still like a couple pounds over 200 like I was before I came to the the MTC, Basketball is always fun. A sister from my District got reassigned for 1 month to Baton Rouge. She left early this morning. She already knows Italian so they gave her a reassignment until her Italian Visa activates. So everyone needs more of mothers amazing pumpkin or banana bread. It all gets eaten with us and the Samoans. It's always fun to share food and share our testimonies in our mission languages.  How are things at home then? Kids doing good at school? Is Riley doing alright. Landon always teases me about Riley not knowing who I am when I get home. Did You know that Joe Davis sent me a leather bound journal? its really nice looking. So nice of them. I needed something just like that for a quote/ spiritual thought book. I found the coolest poem that i copied the other day about missionary work. im gonna send it home in a week or so after I transfer it to my quote book.

Love Anziano Mendel

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