Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 5

Hey Mom, Hey Family. Another week has passed here at the MTC. more than half way over!!! only have 27 more days here then its off to Italy. I cant wait. So my Big news for the week. Yesterday (Monday) I had my normal TRC where we teach fake investigators volunteers. Well We had to do it 100% in Italian this week. So like an hour of only speaking Italian. It was tough but also really fun. I thought I did pretty good, I know A lot of Italian but still not enough. I kinda cracked a little when we were in their but I recovered... I think. My Companion and I did a good job I think.

 I love my district. We're all so close right now. So i think Im full to the brim on pumkin and bannana bread. Ive still got a ton of postachios to eat as well. so Im excited to see what I get next.... so Im not really sure what More I can tell you... What do you want to know?

The MTC is just the same ole thing all day long every week. Im excited for the new italian missionaries to come in in 8 days. We made a goal as a district to befriend them so no one heads home the first week like and elder from our districts. See how that goes. Im gonna go print off some pictures today and send them to you. Think If I sent my Preach my Gospel Home You could get the Front and back of it laminated for me? They wont do it for me cause I glued in Pictures. Pictures of Jesus and they still wont do it!?! how much do you think it would cost to mail that to you? Well this week has been pretty good.  I love getting letters from Davis.  look forward to hearing from you soon. Im gonna mail some stuff to you today. I have a poem I want you to read. I also want to share a scripture That I like and used during my lesson in DM. Alma 41;5 Its about Desires.

Love you all! see you soon
Elder Mendel 

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