Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week 6

Hello! hows it going family!

Things are going good for me here right now! Im teaching all the time 100% in italian. I feel a lot of the times that I suck at the language and cant talk but I can teach pretty well in Italian and thats the whole reason Im learning the language in the first place. Anziano Taggart and I taught the Sorelle (sisters) in our district the other day. Even in Rough Italian the spirit was so strong as we taught them. One of them Sorella Bishop was crying her eyes out with the spirit. I felt it strongest then I think then Ive ever felt it before. And it wasn't even a real investigator, Just practice. I know the Italian words coming out of my mouth were true and the Holy Ghost was making it known to me. Just an Awesome experience.

You asked why I hang with the samoan missionaries so much, I still hang with italians a lot but im literaly with them all day long. so the last hour of the day its nice to go back to the residence and talk to other people. The samoan missionaries im talking about are going to samoa but like half of them are samoan so yeah that answers your question. We really just study the language while studying how to be a missionary. So its all Italian based around teaching investigators so we dont learn pointless vocabualry like animals and slang cause we dont use it.

I cant wait to be in Italy. Kinda scary but I want to be there. 3 weeks thats IT! the countdown is on! We get the 39 new italian missionaries tomorrow and we've been preparing for that. We all want to be the best examples we can possibly be and want none of them to go home while in their first 3 weeks. We're gonna speak only Italian to them so THat should be funny!

Tell Danielle Happy Birthday and let her know im thinking about her always but especially today on her birthday! 22! big day. Im gonna write her a letter but that wont get to her til Wed or THur

We got asked to do 5 contacts in Italian to just other random misionaries around the MTC last night We shared our italian testimonies with some missionaries going to Holland and Belgium Mission! i just thought about Dad the whole time. The Dutch testimony was cool to hear. A lil rough cause they had only been in the MTC 3 weeks

Love you all! I pray for you always

Anziano Mendel

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