Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 7

Hey mom and family how goes live in the real world this week, today has been a different Pday for me so sorry the letter has taken longer for me to write then usual. This last week has honestly been the best week for me here in the Mtc so far. I've just been having so much this week and there has been so much change. Change for the good and change for the bad. Well to start off, Im in a 3 some now with vitali and taggart. So things are good in my 3 some now.

TRC was different, teaching with 3 companions seeing as me and vitali are both the leaders of our old companionships and took the lead in the lessons but we figured it all out. The samoans left for samoa on monday and that really sucks that theyre gone now. As ive shared with you before We were really close so it was tough to say goodbye for 2 years but thats missionary work really. The new missionaries are here and that is really fun and different being the old guys on the block, I like it. Ive gotten really close to two of them who are a lot like me. They're really chill. A. Holland and Riacerretta I dont know how to spell his name. They are so cool. ITs crazy how diverse the missionaries are here.

 I've gotten so close to my district here i feel like ive known some of them for a lot longer than 7 weeks! which makes for going to bed at 1030 pretty impossible. We had parties in my room before the samoans left and That amazing package you sent me kinda got devoured, or inhaled i dont know which word to use. So i might need a refil?.... hint hint they were just so good! haha. We took some amazing pictures at the temple yesterday that were so funny!!! we were crying laughing so hard at them. I get my Travel plans in a couple of days and i am so excited! it will tell me when I leave and where our layovers will be just all the information so next pday I will share all of that with you.

Im sending home my English PMG I glued in pictures and they wont let me Laminate so Its pretty much ruined so itd be awesome if you could take it to kinkos our something and get it hard laminated. It will look so cool! and then mail it back asap, I have another one here so dont worry about me not being able to use it. I am getting soooo excited to get to Italy I Cant even breath right now! its only 2 weeks away! I wonder what city i will be started in or who my trainer will be! Cant wait we are all so excited. The language for me is coming along really! I can understand it really well and can read it well. I go through PMG in Italian and only have to look up a few words. Im hoping that will help me.

The hardest part is speaking it. Speaking it all the time. My District isnt really good at it cause we are all so close and like to talk to much! couple nights ago we made a man cave which was really just 6 elders pretending like we were 6 again making a fort out of covers. Remember the forts we used to make? anyways we sat and talked for hours. talked about everything and dont worry we got a lot of it on pictures so you can see. But we are just so tight now! Im having the time of my life out here, So much memories and being in the service of our God together all going to Italy will just unite us forever.

Yeah some times are tough and hard but Its all worth it. I am going to miss the spirit that I feel every day in here Im going to miss my fantastic teachers But still, ill be living in Italy in 2 weeks, Can you believe ive been here 7 weeks. Thats the longest by far that ive been away from you. Im not saying its gone fast in any means cause it hasnt but Its been 7 weeks and I know when Im in Italy time will just go faster and faster and faster.

Then ill be home and reunited with you. I think all the time what you (my family) will look like in 2013, remember how much I grew between 14 and 16? Justing will have the priesthood, Dani will be Married! hopefully... No... She will. And then there will be Camille and Alan prob the same and a much fatter version of Trevor. Im gonna have to go to Golds a lot with Davis when i get back. Although iv'e kept up on my push ups and I can do more than i ever could.

Times like these where a knowledge of the plan of salvation really is esential! Cant imagine how anyone could live with out it and thats why im here. Im so honored to be here. Cant even tell you enough how awesome it is that I can do this at 19. After 7 weeks of being in the MTC I've learned so much. Its insaine. I still have so much to learn though and Im humbled by that fact every day.
Thanks for finding me a CD player. Apreccitate that! Was Bubba's wedding cute? do they look happy? What temple were they married in? What temple does Dani wanna get married in. I cant believe that after next week I wont be able to go to the temple for 2 years.... Thats gonna be awful. How awesome would it be to be married in the San Diego Temple, Or how about this the Rome Temple! You been going to the temple every week? how great it is to give you some perspective of why we are here and whats really important by doing the Eternal ordinences in the temple. I just love it and hope I can continue after my mission.

Hows my buddy at the Subway doing!?! that is so funny that he remebers me. did you get a double chocolate cookie to eat for me?
Hows my Riley doing? Hows the real world? whats new. Alrighty i have to go ill apolagize again for how all over the place my letters are. Love you all so much cant wait to see yo
u again.

Much Love
-Anziano Mendel
Ci Vediamo, Vi voglio bene!

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