Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 8

Hey Mom and Family,

 well i guess ill start by Answering all your questions I hope I get them all.  Yes I will take a lot of pictures as we are leaving and such. And I will try to put them online on MobileMe when I can I just dont know yet. I have some pictures that im gonna send home soon. I havent packed my bag yet, I still and always worried about getting it down to 50lbs, I dont know when I would ever have the time to pack my bag and unpack it again only to pack it up again when I leave. This last week is so busy with things that I have to do before I leave! Im really stressed about it! I hope I know enough of the language. I know every grammer principle and tense and lots of verbs but when I go into give lessons in ITalian I only use like 6 verbs and a couple tenses. Its so frustrating. I can say pretty much whatever I wanna say in Italian now so thats cool but I still really have so much to learn.  

 Well im getting to know a lot of people from the new Anziani, So yeah. Theres some others that ive gotten close to. Really I just miss my samoans. All the new Italians are doing good. italians Are definatly the strongest group of missionaries at the MTC, I am so sick of hearing spanish and portuguese all the time. I thought Portuguese was a pretty language. Oh how wrong I was. Ugliest tthing ive ever heard. way worse than spanish. 

Thats awesome your playing ball! im sure youre a baller. Ball here is really intense, Great players. I dunk it every once and awhile and have elders awe at me. Prob not the best thing i should do. But you know. I just love being big, Ive stayed the same weight here pretty much. like 200-205lbs. So sad to think that i went to the temple 1 hour ago and wont be able to return for 2 years. We are definatly gonna go once a week when i get back, probably more.

Oh I am so excited for Conference! ive been excited for some time now! how awesome is it. I get to hear from all 15 prophets and revelators 1 day before I go to italy, Thats more than coincidence.

Well I cant wait to be in Italy! I love you all and will be able to call you on tuesday at the airport. Cant wait.

I dont think I need anything else.  Thanks for getting me PMG laminated! does it look sicK? I love those pictures.

Did justin Love going to the jazz game. Hearing about those kids drives me crazy. If I woulda been there I woulda gone crazy.

Cant wait to see you agian. love you all

I have to report to the Travel office at the MTC at 4:00am on Tuesday next week! Yep so next Tuesday ill be headed off to Italy and I am so ready to leave. 

Anziano Mendel

Vi Voglio bene 

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