Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 19, 2011

Part of the region known as Cinque Terre

Hey Mom thanks for your letter. I really dont have a lotta time today cause I'm on a scambi with A. Bartholemew and we are with some other misisonaries in La Spezia, we are leaving soon to go and visit Cinque Terre. (google it) its gonna be awesome. La Spezia is such a beautiful city! oh my gosh way prettier than Pisa but we still have the tower which is about it. So yeah mission rules changed about 6 weeks ago and I can only email my family. Do you know anything about Landons email rules? Can you find out Brayden's current address in italy? I cant remember my address right now. Sorry and I'm not with Schultz so I have no way to get it. I dont know about his homecoming......... that's kinda wierd dont you think? and like I said I'm not with him now so all that information you wanted about him I dont have access to. I'll write it in a letter to you and send it all home that way you can have my Pisa address. Mother's day is handled kinda like this to MY understanding. I will be calling you prob about 5 or 6 pm local time which is 8 hours ahead so like 9 or 10 your time in Utah, And we can talk then, we use the phone in the church. How many minutes do I have on my card? Is there a way for you to know that? I'll prob call the home phone right? Don't have a car, there is no metro in pisa and our bikes are terrible so we only use those like twice a week, other than that we walk everywhere we go. I went through my letters at the MTC and honestly threw out a lot of them. But I kept a bunch and have those here with me. Next week I'll try to send some pictures home but I'm not totally sure how that works, but i should be in pisa next week so yeah. My comp is district leader so he has to go on scambi with everyone in our district during this transfer which means I go on scambi with everyone in the district also, its cool being with other missionaries and stuff but im already used to pisa, my apartment and the people there. so Its just really different. Last night I slept on a gnarly bed in Livorno, and then being in another comp's apartment where nothing is mine especially the food is kinda lame. I feel like a lil child when I'm doing that. just mooching off stuff.
Sorry I cant respond that much, I'm getting kicked off the computer. love you all so much I will send a letter home today with more.

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