Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 1

You asked how a typical day is in the MTC is so we wake up at 6:30 everyday and are at the cafeteria by 7:00 for breakfast, class starts at 7:30 where we have a teacher teach us about being a missionary but only in Italian, they dont speak in English much which is kinda a new thing here. We have class for 3-4 hours at a time which is really hard on my butt. We have lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 4:30. We always have MDT 4 hours a day. 1 hour personal study 1 hour companionship study and then language/district study. I have 12 people in my district. 8 elders and 4 sisters. 2 of the sisters speak almost perfect Italian already. learning the language is super hard but i've learned so much of it in the 6 days ive been here.

There were 24 italian missionaries who came in the same day I did. The Milan and Rome mission were rezoned in the last month. Florence and Tuscany are now apart of the Milan mission. which is really cool. 38 new Italian missionaries are coming in 5 weeks which will make for a huge italian zone in the MTC.

I have made really good friends here. Elder Free and me play great basketball together and my DL is awesome to Elder Vitali, the older Italian missionaries are awesome. Elder Wilkey from England and Elder Portellano from France are way funny and helpful. one of my Zone Leaders is a kid that played on that Newcastle team I played on.  he's way nice and a good basketball player.

I dont have a lot of time to E mail so I would recomend telling people and yourseld using Dear Elder to write to me. did you put my address up on facebook? I love getting letters.

Well I love you all my time is up. I miss you all so much! wheres Riley!

Anziano Mendel

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  1. Thanks for posting Danielle. For everyone out there.. the easiest way to write to Trevor is to go to and to write a letter through their system. They will print it out and put it in his box. This way he will be able to read the letters throughout the week. If you send an email to his email address, he won't get it until P Day. You have to have his box number #116 and the code ITA-MIL 0406. Thanks everyone.