Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21, 2011

Wow, lots of cool information this week, That is so awesome that Josh is going on a mission! I've been praying so hard for this! Just amazing! When is his availability date? I'm so curious where he will go! Do you know if he is going to school this fall?

Way funny to here about Newton and Wright being in Miranda's FHE group. I know Newton, Not Wright. Small world indeed.

So transfers news came in the other day, Anz. Weller and I are staying the same out in Ferrara. I'm very happy about this, Anz. Weller and I are so tight. So another transfer will be awesome. Never done 2 before. I think it will make it go that much smoother. So Duque is being transferred up to Vicenza. To be with... none other than my old MTC comp Anz. Taggart. Funny huh? Anz. Parker is coming here to be ZL. He has been a ZL in Milano... Not much else is happening. Remember my friend Anz. Free? He is training this transfer. Pretty sick.

Ferrara has been really good lately. We weren't able to go to church this Sunday because there was a train strike, so we went to Bologna ward. It was fun to see some cool old members but I really just wanted to be in Ferrara. This Monday we taught some super cool people on the trains To and from Ferrara. Awesome to know that the Lord is sending us people to teach wherever we are. A sweet, older sister member has really taken us under her wing out in Ferrara.  She has been feeding us and giving us a place to come and rest on the long days out in Ferrara. She is so amazing. Makes us the best meals and just opens up her home for us. I dont know where we would be without her help.

Right now we have really just been trying to expand our teaching pool, and seeing the members out here. Trying to activate and bring people to church. We still hold church in a member's home but the members are looking for a building as well as an apartment for us. I
really just want to move out to Ferrara now. So these days are just filled with lots of Finding work. It has been very interesting to see that many people know who we are even though the church hasn't been in the city for several years. We are meeting old investigators and less actives on the streets. Ferrara is a lot friendlier than Bologna.

Send my Love to everyone and Justin. Sounds like soccer is going pretty good for him. 

Love you Mother.

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