Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29, 2012

Cara Famigila

Okay Transfer week... So, Anz. Zanni Is dying. Along with my best Bro Anz. Bona... If you remember Anz. Bolnick and Anz. Rich, Anz. Dunshee. All dying this transfer... The mission is changing dramatically.. Older guys leaving and I'm just getting older and older. It's a weird
feeling... So for this next transfer I will stay in Mantova, not much of a shock there. I will be getting an Anz. Owens. He's actually just one below me in transfers. So I knew him in the MTC... He seems pretty cool. All and all I'm excited to work with him. I'll also be District Leader this transfer. The ZLs are changing too. The District is in 8. Anz. Webb will be training and then there are the ZLs and the Sisters... Bigger district.

So I did some fun things this last week... Anz. Zanni has been a lil Trunky... I can't blame him. I would/will be trunky as well this close to going home. We went and saw the Ferrari Factory last week for P-day... It was really cool to see. Beautiful. It's in a city called Maranello... Just outside of Modena. And then right now, I'm actually in Milano. Spending Zanni's last P-day here... We took a tour of the Stadium of Inter F.C. and AC Milan. That was really cool. I sat in the seat of Robihno in the AC Milan locker room... I've had some ridiculously good Gelato here in Milan and tonight we are going to go to the Duomo...

Awesome to hear about Bronson and his mission... You're right, You're never "really" ready for a mission. The mission is just about taking the curve balls that come and moving forward. Keep learning, keep growing. Bronson will do great.

Our work is going good right now for the most part... We've found some new people who seem interested in talking with us. That's the first step... We've found some new areas that we want to start doing finding work in. We've been asking members to help choose the areas for finding work. I'm expecting to see some great miracles this next transfer...

I'm really glad for this last transfer, It was  a nice charge of batteries.. I learned a ton from Zanni. I learned a ton of Italian, and a ton of really fun and spiritual game/activities that Zanni does
with the members. The transfer was helpful. Like I said, I was learning all the time... But I am ready for another comp... Can only take so much Argentina pride Hah hah.

Well love you Fam, take care, and I'll talk to you soon.

Anz. Mendel

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  1. Anz Bona loves Trevor too....I hope they will get to see on another after the mission.
    Judi (Anz Bona's mother)