Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Thank you for the Valentine's day wishes! It really didn't even hit me that it was valentines day and other then Mother I definately don't have a Valentine this year. Peccato! O well. No Biggie... I would imagine that it's better this way.

So yeah... The cold weather has been very discouraging these last 2 weeks. Don't worry, the windburn on my face is healed now and yes I have learned from my mistakes and I use a scarff to cover my face when I ride.... I don't need anything, honestly I'm fine! I had access to Zone mail yesterday and unfortunatly your package has not yet arrived...Sadly... But that's okay... hopefully it hasn't been lost. That would be a real shame.

This week, or even this transfer has just been full of unexpected obstacles and variables... From the cold, to the going back and forth from hospital to hospital for Anz. Zanni's foot  to my wind burn to the bikes breaking down every other day... It's been difficult to just buckle down and go to work. We've found some cool people these days... It's just been impossible to set up a consistent schedule with anyone. Everyone is so busy, so preoccupied..

I feel like we are making good head-way with a part member family we are working with who are actually new converts. The husband is the one not baptised. We have identified his problems right down to the Book of Mormon. His 12 year old son, P***** has been reading with him this week and I think this is helping both of them strengthen their testimonies in the Book of Mormon and stregthening their relationship as a father and son.

Now, I'm out of time, I will send this now and later today I will finish writing more. Love you!

I'm glad to hear you've been working out and eating good. I'm doing the first part... the 2nd part maybe not as well. I do push ups and pull ups almost every night... 3 months ago, I started doing pull ups. I inherited a portable pull up bar from a missionary. 3 months ago I could do 3 pull ups without stopping... Now, I can do 10! Making good progress... My arms, chest shoulders and back are bigger and stronger than ever... However, my belly is a bit bigger than it was when I left. Dont think I'll lose it either... not in Italy that is. When I get back and start playing sports again it will be gone.

Well... Don't know what else to say... I have no idea what to suggest for the youth conference... The only thing that comes to mind is Eternal Marriage? Ha, ha. I dont know... You'll know whats right... Love you mom!

Anz. Mendel

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  1. What a handsome young man! He looks great! He take's great pictures!