Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 1, 2012

Good morning Family,

So highlighs for this week, after another very successful District meeting this Tuesday. Anz. P****** came down to Mantova and we had a great lil scambio. It was fun talking about old times in the Bologna apartment. He is a very inspiring missionary and every time I learn lots from him. It's funny to see how much I've grown in my missionary skills since the last time we scambiod over 6 months ago, Mostly just language skills is what I noticed. He left me with a strong desire to get out and work hard and always do my best. We need to find some more investigators and I feel pumped and ready to do it. This will most likely be my last transfer here and I want to leave it a lot better than I found it. On our scambio we just got poured on! It just let loose. But luckily today there are sunny skies. On our Ri-scambio, we went to Bologna and played some basketball with the 4 Anziani there. Lots of fun. 

So we stopped teaching ***** this week. As in he's not an investigator anymore. He's making no real progress. This last month of teaching him he has accepted everything we have said, come to church and has been reading the BOM but none of it has been sticking. He still believes in Islam and won't let it go. The lesson when we decided that it wasn't working was just crazy, Him and I pretty much just argued for over an hour. I was telling him he needed to change his ideas and start exercising some faith if he wants to turn his life around, and he just wasn't listening. He went on to tell us that we are real disciples of Christ because we receive money from the church to live while we do this work. That's when I got upset and we starting really arguing. I was chastized by the spirit after but sorry, I don't accept people telling me I am a thief stealing money from Christ to do missionary work. So yeah... We aren't teaching him anymore. All he wanted was money and help with his documents from the Church, Just leading us on the whole time. 

So besides C**** which by now is almost a dead end we don't have any investigators. However, This week something pretty cool happened, About 3 weeks ago we found this awesome guy in the park named M******. It was the weekend before Easter. We taught him on a bench the restoration and showed him the Resto Pamphlet. He seemed really interested and really wanted to see the restoration movie, We exchanged numbers and set up an appointment for the Tuesday after Easter. Then.... Nothing. We couldn't get a hold of him for all this time. Almost a month. Then this monday, riding our bikes through a busy Centro we saw him. He actually stopped us. We talked with him for a lil bit. He told us he went on Vacation down south and that's why he didn't answer. It was awesome to find our cool contact again. 

For the mother's day call, Honestly I should be open all day to do it... From 3:00 to 9:00 Italy time. So I will have to talk with my comp when his parents are down to do his and then we can organize ourselves next week. But I should be open that whole day. We will be at the Dos Santos' house this time so we should be open. 

I hope you have all had a great week. That pretty much says it for my week. I'm sorry to hear that Justin is still having some issues with the seizures. Give him my best. Love you all so much. Have a great week. 

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