Monday, September 17, 2012

September 11, 2012

I felt the same way on Septemeber 11th. I made sure everywhere I went that everyone was aware that is was 9/11. This last week went great. I've never taught as many lessons as I did last week and never had as many investigators in church as last week. We are working with lots of different people these days it's starting to get stressful trying to manage all these different people that we are working with. It's just tough trying to prioritize people and then be able to set up full days of teaching to be able to see everyone. In Short things are going good with the investigators with my comp as well as with the ward. Ha yeah my comps shell has popped off I think. You weren't really worried if I would be able to do that were you? 1 transfer with Anz. Mendel and you've pretty much become whatever he wants you to be. :) Joking of course. But there may be a lil truth in there.
I did 2 different scambi this last week and had a blast with each one of them. Last Friday the traveling assistants came to Alessandria and did a scambio with us. I was with Anz. Osborn. And my comp went with Anz. Sciarretta. Anz. Osborn and I went outside the city to another city where a bunch of members and had a full day of less actives priesthood blessings in the hospital and then our amazing Bishop heard that our last appointment for the day was cancelled he got us an appointment. The Bishop here will do anything for us. We had no Idea what to expect.  We were able to teach an amazing lesson on the love of God and the BoM. 

Just had to add this picture of Trevor and his
"brother" missionaries, Anz. Mendel, Elder Smart
Elder Oliver
Yesterday I did a scambio with an Italian missionary Anz. Squarcia. I just had a blast with him. It was so fun speaking italian 100% with him for a day. He told me that I speak great Italian which is probably the best compliment an italian missionary could give me. It was just fun seeing my progress with the language. I haven't worked with a non American for the longest time. So it was just kind of a mind opener.
****** and her family are doing amazing and are progressing very well. She has been to church 3 weeks in a row now and is really making good friendships with the ward members. ****** is doing well too.
So is Justin moving downstairs now? What is going to be expected of me when I get home. Is Davis planning on clearing out of my room or am I going to be expected to move back upstairs? You talking about doing some painting work reminds me of when we painted the basement and my room together. Such good memories. I'm sure it will turn out great I have no doubts.
I miss you tons too, Every once in awhile It sneaks up on me too. Don't worry time really will fly. I'm working hard and know why I'm here. I still have much to do. Much to become before I get home.
That picture is just too good. I know Bridger. He's a really cool kid.
For this P day I don't think we have anything planned. Just gonna grab a pizza and maybe do some store browsing.
Love you all so much! Thanks Dad for working so hard for me!
Anz. Mendel 

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