Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 20, 2011

This week has been pretty good. Just missionary work and crazy heat. It's actually not too bad right now here. It rained last night and cooled everything down. I've been doing some scambi this last week. On Saturday I did a scambi with Anz. Dunshee. We were here in Bologna working with his investigators. We had the opportunity to give a priesthood blessing for an older guy here in the Bologna ward. It was a cool experience. I didn't give the blessing but I did the anointing. There is a special verb in Italian that is kinda of hard to use for anointing and I kinda botched it but I think God knew I was trying and accepted it.

I just got back from a 2 day scambi in Ravenna again with Anz. Bushman. He was in the MTC with me. One group ahead of me. It was pretty good. We had a lotta of cool experinces together. We were doing some Casa and knocked on a door where an abnoxious kid answered and then the dad came and at first was really cold to us. We told him we were
missionaries from the church... and told him we had a message about the family..... He asked us a really wierd question at the door. He said "Voi Credete che chi sono gli Angelli Sulla terra Oggi" (Do you believe that there are angles on the earth today) It caught us by surprise at first and then I said yes. Crediamo quello. He then let us in. We walked in and saw a lil girl in a high chair with some disease like down syndrom, He said "Here is an angel on the earth."    I don't know the actual phrase. They told us what she had but it was in Italian so I didn't really understand the super long medical term. Anyways, we had a super powerful lesson about the importance of the family with them and kinda went straight into the Plan of salvation, pre life and resurection in particular. It was a really spiritual experience. They really loved their daughter and asked us if she was in their lives to punish them or to bless them. We shared our message of peace and purpose of coming here to recieve a body and that everyone has different trials and tests. We left and have another appointment to teach them on Friday. I wont be there for that but I have high hopes for them.

Love you mom, Thanks for everything! I'll attach some pics next week hopefully. I dont have the stuff with me now.


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