Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Bologna has a first name.....

So Bologna is good. It's a lot different than Pisa but I'm positive I'll be able to learn the city like I knew Pisa. I'm really sad to go but it was necessary. I dont quite know why it was, but President sent me here for a reason and I'm gonna try to figure that out.
University of Bologna, the oldest university in the Western World
I already wrote a letter and it's in the mail with a lot of details about my experiences in the last week. So that's already coming. But I'll share a lil.
Living in 4 is really different but really fun at the same time. We are all really tight already and things will only get better. I'm really young in the mission compared to all my roomates here in Bologna. But they say they are really impressed with my Italian for being in my 3rd transfer. I'm happy with the way my Italian is right now. I still have a long way to go to become 100% fluent but I feel I've made a ton of improvement.
So my Companionship in Bologna was just opened last transfer so there is not that big of a teaching pool yet. So we do a lot of knocking doors, just a lot of finding work. We have some investigators but I'm not quite sure how interested they actually are. As well as we have some who are really flakey with appointments so that just spoils our day. I do hope for good things this transfer here though. We made our transfer vision a few days ago, and put 2 baptisms on it. So I think with the Lord's help we can reach that this transfer. So I'm excited for that.
I really like my new comp. He's really chill and we get along well. It's gonna be a great transfer working with him. I hope we do more than 1 together too. One transfer is just really short to have a new comp every time.
So Other missionaries..... its all in the letter.. They are all older, Anz. Rich 11, Anz. Dunshee 11, Anz. Duque 12. And Me 3.
Sounds like you had a good time/ tiring time in Idaho. Cant wait til all those kids are grown up at least a lil more and its not such a crazy event to get together. That will be a crazy time for the family when they are a bunch of teenagers. yikes. But I'm glad you're home safe and all. Going back home is always my favorite part of vacations....
Its in the letter, but Bologna is huge. Much different than Pisa. But I like it. it will take some time to get used to but im up for the challange.
Speaking of dieting, thats what I need to do now... There is a scale in Bologna and right now I weigh 205 so the same as when I left but the issue is I know I have lost muscle weight and I know my belly is bigger... More blub down there. Not good. It's not too bad though. That's good that Justin and Davis are trying to eat right. I will try to echo that.
Anziano Mendel

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