Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 1, 2011

So big news right now is transfers... (Drum beats)...... (More Drum beats)..... Im staying in Ferrara another, so doing 3 with Weller. I'm really happy about this. I was so nervous and sad that I might have been leaving. President called us and he told us that he knows me and Weller have been together for 2 already but he wants us to "finish what we started" in Ferrara. Heck yeah! Thats so sick that Pres is looking out for me like that. It would have been so anti-climatic if I were to leave now. We are going to get an apartment in Ferrara this transfer, and then these last 2 weeks or so our work has just exploded. We are finding solid people to teach left and right. Im really happy to be with Weller this long. We work good together and are good friends. I learn so much from him always.

Anz. B. and P. are staying the same as well so no changes to our apartment. Other than that there is not much I think I can say that will serve your interest.  We will have to see how things go.

First we have M, a Peruvian Mother of a sweet lil 8 year old girl. Super elect and ready, she was a refferal all the way from missionaries in Argentina who met her there about a month ago at her father's funeral. I'm really excited for her this transfer. She has some problems that are out of her control in terms of coming to church but I'm really excited for her. We had such a strong Plan of Salvation lesson with her last night. We brought Sorella N, just great.

Then we have ****** that guy our age that I told you about last week, he's making some good progress. Still a hardcore Catholic but... It's coming. Yesterday I made some banana bread and we watched the Restoration movie with him. He liked it. What we really need to do now
i think is just get him to feel the spirit super strong while we are there or while he reads the Book of Mormon. I think he's the kind of guy who won't deny these feelings... Its just a matter of time. The problem has been that he is a fan of going on the internet and finding all the Mormon Dirt there is out there so a lot of times when we are over there we are trying to clear up those problems and its hard to have super solid complete lessons.

There are two 20 story apartment buildings in Ferrara, more or less completly filled with stanieri (Foreigners) Don't know the spelling... Anyways.. we did one of them the other day and taught like 10 lessons, picked up a ton of new contacts and investigators. It cant hurt to teach them and bring them closer to Christ. And maybe bring someone to Church. I'm sick of not having any investigators that Im worried about in church.

Dont worry about the Caramel. I cant believe you sent some that must have been expensive.... Thanks though. You're such a GEM. Have to say I'm a lil disapointed in the no desire to carve pumpkins thing... No shock though. If you can remember it was always me who made sure these traditions were always done and done right.... Let's just say things will change when I return. I wanted to Carve a pumpkin here. We just couldn't find any last minute.

Well I love you, Hope your holiday season starts off great...

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