Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9, 2011

Hey mom,

Well I really dont have much to say this week.

I too am so excited to still be in Ferrara for this next transfer. It's gonna be awesome. I just cant wait for the work to explode.

Dang COD came out this week... I'm shaking inside I want to play so bad... Its not even funny.

Thanks for the update on everything.

******* is doing great. We saw her Sunday and again last night. Can you believe this she gave us a refferal. She brought a friend to the lesson. And she is super interested. It's worked out great because she has been having a tough time keeping reading commitments so with her friend now involved they do it together. It's awsome teaching them...

****** is also doing well. His lessons are always so long and he has to argue on everthing. Even stuff that I thought was pretty basic christian knowledge. For example we planned to teach the Plan of Salvation this week. The first time we taught the pre earth life and the fall and by the time that was done we had already been there an hour. It just takes awhile to clear everthing up. But he is still making progress. I still have hope for him.

Sorella ***** has been in Torino this last week, its been sad to not have her cook us lunch almost every day. I have been experimenting in the kitchen these days and I haven't failed yet. Almost all missionaries here just make cheap pasta for lunch. I came to a realization that I will let Italians cook me pasta and i'll cook everything else but pasta. I made a mushroom and beef stir fry kinda thing the other day over rice. It was sooo good. Then I have been making all sorts of different potatoe dishes... italians try to make mashed potatoes here.. lets just say stick with the pasta. I bought stuff today for corn Chowder... Is a leek absolutly necessary? cause I couldnt find it. I guess by the time you respond i'll have already made it so.....

Well Love you mom.

I'm gonna write Kristy soon... I know I'm terrible..

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