Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 20, 2012

Well it's been a pretty good week, getting a new comp is always a new experience especially when that new comp isn't American, it's even newer. We get along great. His name is Anz. Joseph Walsh from Manchester, England. He actually started his mission when he was 18, so he's been out 8 transfers, 1 year and still 19. He's a great missionary and we will have a great 2 transfers together. Full of success. 

Well Happy Thanksgiving. It crept up on me this year. Sadly this year I will not be buying a 44£ turkey to cook myself. However, the Branch here has a tradition of throwing a Thanksgiving party seeing as there are 2 American families here in the Branch. So I should be able to get myself some turkey. I, of course, volunteered my services. I'm gonna make a whole bunch of Mash potatoes and some corn probably. It will be tomorrow night. The reason why last year Thanksgiving was so special and fun was because we were living in 4 and we were all so close. This year we don't have that luxury living in 2 with transfers just last week. I hope you all have an amazing weekend staying at home. In my opinion those have always been the best years anyways. I'm Thankful for my family who loves and supports me. Have a great weekend. 

So our Peruvian family is doing really well! We've seen them twice since last we spoke and they are growing so well in the Gospel. Last lesson after finishing up the Plan of Salvation the lesson before we brought the Restoration film watched it together and then just kind of reviewed what we've talked about and made sure everything was 100% clear to them. It was a great lesson as we had the opportunity to clear up questions about the BOM and about Baptism itself. They all seem really excited about the Baptism and just want to have a more united family. They made us this really good peruvian dish the other day and I'm gonna try and recreate it this week or maybe next week. They weren't able to come to Church this week because both of them had to work which was sad but they are set to come this upcoming Sunday. However, ******* made it to church this week. 3 times now! She is doing amazing. We saw her last night and kinda did the same thing we did with the Peruvian family. Talked about her questions and doubts and then tried to teach about revelation and recognizing the spirit in her life. Another awesome lesson. Anz. Walsh and I teach well together and its just the first week. I look forward to many miracles this transfer. 

Nice to hear you saw Brayden,  Crazy Brayden is home. Next up... Tj. 

Being with an Englishman is fun and surprising all the differences it creates. For example he didnt know who Kobe Bryant is. That one just blew me away. He is great though. I make Harry Potter jokes aimed at him and we both get a good laugh. He has served with Italians the last 4 transfers so someone has to do it. Speaking of Britts. Did you see the new James Bond Movie? That looks cool. 

Well, Love you all so much! Have a great holiday weekend. 

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