Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 27, 2012

Well, It's been another good week, once again I found myself behind a turkey. This year the turkey was almost double the size as last year's. Only that we had 60 plus mouths to feed instead of only 4. The Branch threw a Thanksgiving party and asked one of the American members to cook the turkey. It's actually a tradition here in the Branch. So the American member ***** asked if we wanted to go over to her house and help prepare it. I was there so fast! Don't worry I have plenty of pictures to share this week. The Thanksgiving party in itself was a huge success. We had a bunch of investigators there. ***** had me at the head cutting the turkey for everyone. It was fun. It was great to hear about your Thanksgiving, mine was good but I just really missed you all. I'm thankful for my family and this will be the last Thanksgiving that I will be away from family! 

Our work is going great, Anz. Walsh and I get along great. We are working super hard and have had a ton on our plates this last week. Our investigators are doing great. **** and ****** werent able to come to church this week because there was a stupid Marathon in the city and they shut the whole city down. No bus to take and no access to their part of the city in a car. The adversary works in strange ways to keep people from church. ****** made it though! She got to the startion close to the church but her ride wasn't able to make it in to pick her up because of the road blocks but apparently Taxi's still found a way so she took a taxi to church. This was a sign to us that she is really committing herself. Anz. Walsh and I both gave talks in church as well. The Branch Presidency called us Saturday and asked if we could speak. My comp and I and then the branch mission leader.  So pretty much we had to fill up the majority of the time. I had about a half hour to prepare for my talk the night before and before I knew it I had already been at the pulpit talking for 20 mins. That would never have happened before the mission. It's crazy how easy it is to talk about the gospel. I talked about Abinadi, how he never saw the fruits of his labors, to his knowledge no one was converted to the gospel. Abinadi didn't baptise anyone. Maybe he thought he died in vain as a failure. But he didn't. We all know that Alma was converted. But he didn't. But nontheless that didn't matter. He was sent from God to deliver a message. He fulfilled his purpose and was killed. God doesn't look upon Abinadi any different then he looks upon Alma the younger who baptized thousands. No effort is wasted. We don't need to see the success of our labors to know that God is happy with our sacrifice or effort. That was pretty much what I talked about. 

Last night it thunder stormed super hard-- parts of the path on the way home from the church were flooded. We were riding on the bike path and I saw this huge puddle at the last second in front of me and slammed on my brakes just in time. "We have to find another way around I say" but my comp thinks we can make it through. "its not that deep" he says. I respond "prova pure" (be my guest) so he goes for it. HAH the water was up to his knees while he was riding a bike and then he falls off the bike. Luckily he caught himself going down so he didn't fall full in but his bike got fully submerged and his whole lower half was completely soaked! I couldn't help but laugh my head off! Hey! I did warn him. 

Sorry this email is super short, I don't have much time today, Tell Grandma thanks for the B day money. That is so generous of her. 

That video you sent me has no sound to it. Or at least the computer I'm using now doesn't support it. I'm going to go to the library and try with the computers there. It looks super trunky. 

Love you all! Enjoy the pictures.

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