Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 6, 2012

How disappointing to hear about Obama winning again. I was so sure that Romney was going to win. I guess that was just ignorance on my part seeing as my information was so limited. It was really funny walking around Firenze yesterday and seeing all the signs that read "election day in the USA" hah! Do we even know who the president is in other countries? I don't. Even on the sides of buses, On the electronic screens it read election night. Everyone was talking about it. I guess who the President of the US is affects Italians more than the Italian Pres. Dang hearing about the tires costing 50% more just stresses me out for the future. How in the world am I going to have enough money to do anything. You all are keeping your eyes open for a good job for me when I get home right? You've never mentioned anything about that even though I've asked many times. I just want to start being productive pretty fast once I get home. I don't want to stand Idle for weeks and weeks. 

This week has been a good one. We have had some great success with our investigators. This week we saw a part member family that we have started to work with this transfer. It's a family of 3, the mother and 15 year old daughter are members and the Father is not. His big problem has just been the faith to change from past habits. Like drinking and Sabbath day observance. We taught the family the Gospel and for some time we have really been focusing on getting the Mother and Daughter involved in the teaching but they've been rather shy and closed. This last week however, they both bore powerful testimony on the power of the Gospel of Christ and the help it gives us to change bad habits and start a new life. Surely their testimonies meant a lot more to him than ours. He made lots of progress there. 

Other than him, **** and ********8 are making great progress as well. ********** is no longer an atheist which is a huge step. He is praying and meeting with us often. We tried to give him a baptismal date last lesson but he didn't think he could be ready for it. He wants to be baptized, he just wants more time. Too much time. But I think He will come around sooner or later. ****** came up with some  excuse to not come to church this week but we saw her the next day and she is doing good. Both of them are on the path towards Baptism, just that they dont want a date quite yet. 

We had interviews this Monday with President here in Firenze. Mine went great. We talked a lot about the work and specifically the members here. He knows a lot about them here because it is a District and he is the head.  Our zone and our apartment for that matter are 30 min bike ride (going fast) away from the church and then our zone streches far south and members have to drive a long way to get to the church.
Things with me and my comp are great, we are good friends.  For me it's just been another great life lesson that I've learned a lot from and am very thankful for. I feel like I've grown a lot from where I began in the mission. Before I would always feel like leaving an argument or conversation unsolved or "un-won" meant a failure on my part to prove my point/prove that I was right. But I've learned that it's not always that way. Taking Pres Monson's advice can never lead you astray. 

I love you all so much and cant wait to see you soon. I'm working hard don't worry. I'm kinda curious what kind of companion President will send me for my last 2 transfers... Guess we can only wait and see. Anz. Francom is leaving at the end of this transfer. Well love you all! 

Anz. Mendel 

Ps In that video I think I came off looking really weird. Really skinny.... I guess you will see. 

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