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October 30, 2012

Okay First things first. Porca misera! Mom, Dad, EVEN Grandma mentioned something about the "big changes" in her (DANI's) life, with her boyfriend and all. However, Poor lil Anziano Mendel has been left in the dark. You've just teased me with a taste of what's going on. I want the full meal. Even the gravy on top.  I emailed Dani last week begging for an update and I didn't get anything from her this week. Last I heard from her was her letter a month or so ago. So spit it out. What's happening? Luckily for other reasons I have to come back later and finish up emailing. So I will be on later this afternoon. Additional information would be appreciated. 

So I'm now a double-diget-midget. Honestly I've never heard of that before. Usually missionaries here try to hide the fact that they are about to expire to appear bravo. So  the phrase isn't used. Thanks for the update though. Dang 99 days. That's pretty crazy. I miss you all tons too. 

So It was exciting to hear that you have a ballot for me to sign. Sign my name in blood under Romney! Basically the farther right the better for all the other elections! I'm practically Fascist. It's grown a lot in the mission. That's something I haven't expected. As my time here has passed and I've gotten better and better at Italian I find myself in debates and discussions with members and investigators, mostly members defending capitalism and fighting against all the socialists that are here. Its just too fun sometimes. I don't think I've ever lost a debate. 

I can't believe you don't know what you want to be for halloween! I have a perfect costume for you. It might be a lil late but you should be a Nun! How funny would that be with me in Italy and all. I was thinking of being a nun for my first Halloween back. 

This week we made great progress with 2 of our investigators. ****** is Italian, an atheist. We saw him twice and he's really making good progress. He's reading and even said the prayer at the end of the lesson. For an athiest that is really good. He has a lot of questions and really likes to talk. We are putting into practice the latest technique, you could say, from president about being simple and bold. We just say things how they are. Don't sugar coat anything and I think it's really helping. ****** is from Peru which works out great because there are more Peruvians in the branch then Italians. She came to church this week and made friends really fast with a few great sisters in the ward. One of them even invited her over to lunch later in the week. 

The seasons are changing. It got really cold the last 3 days. No more beads of sweat just layers upon layers of clothing to make it through the day. It's fine though. This is my favorite part of year and you can really smell it in the air. Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away and then there's Christmas. 

Nice to hear about James and Whitney getting home. Funny to think that she got her call while I was in mission, she left and got back while I was still in the mission. The sister missionaries that I started with have been done with their missions for months. Speaking of Homecoming talks. You need to make sure that my talk doesn't fall on the same day as Landon Smart's. If for some reason the ward has something else planned for that same weekend that I get home and cant do it then. Honestly I think I would prefer to do it that same weekend. Just get it over with. ;) I think I'll be nervous too. Giving a talk in Italian to a room full of 60 or so people is a lot easier I think. Do they usually give return missionaries topics? 

Thanks again for the updates. That storm on the east coast just sounds brutal. America can't get a break can it! 20 billion! add it to the national debt. Where are we at now 15 trillion or so? 

So reminder of the things you need to fill me in on fast for when I come back later this afternoon. 

1). Dani and whatever the heck is going on there.
2). What day exactly is the election. When do you find out who won or not? 
3). What can I get all of you as gifts for when I get home. The 2 boys are easy. But for the rest of you? 

Love you all so much! Have a great day! Hear from you soon. 

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