Friday, October 26, 2012

October 11, 2012

Well, Im in Firenze now... its been a big change. The city is, of course beautiful. But I miss the members and investigators in Alesandria. Transfers went pretty smoothly and I found myself in Firenze at around 8 that night. Long day of travel and waiting. The Facts about the current situation... Firenze has 2 companionships of elders and two Branches. I haven't been to church yet because we had General Conference but I've heard we have around 50-60 sacrament attendance. Not too bad. Not good. But not terrible. It's not Ferrara or Mantova. My Comps name is Austin Francom. He lives in good ole Sandy Utah. Off of Sego Lilly. So nice and close. He went to Jordan and graduated 2011. We get along all right. The last 3 city changes President has had me follow-up train which is potentially super hard. I've done it 3 times and this one has been the hardest. 

The only ray of light in terms of investigators is a student from Denmark. He is really cool. He had some friends back home who were return missionaries so that's how he knows about the church. He's cool he just doesn't have a lot of time to give us so that's tough. 

My comp says that they always eat at home even on Sundays. I've never had to do that my whole mission. At least Sundays members would invite us over to their houses. We will see if I can change things. Our branch mission leader lives over an hour outside the city so we never can see him. Member/missionary relationships are just poor here. A complete change from my life in Alessandria where I made great friends with tons of members. 

General Conference was amazing of course! The announcement on missionary work was crazy! We were all flipping out. Yeah, I wonder how they are going to gauge missionaries coming into missions... They are going to have to make people wait. Because true, You cant only have new missionaries coming in during the summer like they all will want to not to interfere with School. I guess we will see how things go. For Davis it won't be much of a change I think. A few months. Justin it will save him from waiting a whole year. But then on one side of things. I think its great that people CAN leave earlier but I dont think that everyone necessarily needs to leave before they are 19. Already there are too many people in missions with no real life experience and no maturity. The major part of my companions don't even know where to begin cooking and cleaning. I loved how I was able to get out and live on my own before my mission. Instead of just going straight from mommys house into the field. I think Bishops really need to consider this when they reccomend missionaries for service. I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf's first talk on life's regrets and then I liked Elder Holland's of course and then also Pres. Erying on how sometimes it is us that puts a pavillion up during times of trial. I couldn't help thinking about Pisa and Riley during that talk. 

Thanks for giving me the update on the Presidential debate. Sounds just awesome! I'm so sad I missed it. We actually met two new yorkers in the city the other day that knew us as mormons but weren't members. They told us " We're New Yorkers! And we're voting Romney!" I was all like Heck yeah! I didnt really say that. Just thoughts that I've learned not to vocalize. (But still are okay for my emails home) :)

As with ******, Her baptism should be this weekend. The 13th. I will prob call the Alessandria Anziani to find out if it went through or not. Or I will see it on the newsletter they send out each month. 

You made Arancini!?! Wow... I was supposed to make those for you for the first time when I got back... O well. How did you make the Rag├╣? 

Well Love you all so much! Talk to you next week! Dont forget to include the political stuff. 

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