Friday, October 26, 2012

October 18, 2012

Wow, thanks for info on Ashley's farewell. Sounds like it was a blast! That picture was just too good. Chase has always been so comfortable in between 7 cute girls! Thanks for the CES talk by Elder Holland. I should be able to print it out here at the internet point.
Well this week has been pretty good. We had a lot of commitments that pulled us away from the work, mainly the bike that was left here for me broke 2 days after I arrived. So we had to track down another bike, on foot in a city that I don't know yet. We finally found a suitable option and I bought it. So we are now fully operational.
Things with the companion are fine now. Pretty good actualy. We get along great. He's a cool guy who has had a hard life and fighting to survive is the only thing he has ever known. After I learned more about him it was easier to resolve things and get moving foward. He's a great missionay and is a capable person.
I met the branch here for the first time this Sunday. It just so happened to be fast and testimony meeting. Usually Missionaries are asked to introduce themselves the first sunday. The branch President didn't announce it but I made my way up for the first testimony of the meeting and introduced myself. The branch is... interesting. Very different from Alessandria. For the most part it is made up of South Americans. Peruvians. So there is lots of spanish going on, the 2nd counselor walked up to me and asked if I spoke spanish and when I responded no he let go this big ol sigh of dissapointment. I was like... "this is italy isnt it" I speak Italian that should be enough. It brings me back to that day at Wendys where they messed up my order and put 3 pieces of cheese on my burger. No queso!
Walking around Firenze with my comp, memories of doing the same thing with my trainer all those days back when I was in Pisa come flooding in. Only that now the roles are reversed. Mormon tourists have stopped us each time that we are anywhere near centro. Among the most common of questions asked is how long you have been in the mission. I let my comp respond first always, he says 6 months and then I say 20. The member always gasps, eyes get big, smiles appear and they tell me I'm almost done. Like I don't already know. Doesn't help with Trunkiness.
We don't have many investigators right now.... Shocker. We have two. ****** and ******. ****** is peruvian who has been investigating the church for some time now and then ****** is really a cool one. He's a student from Denmark studying art. He is really just bravo.
I had another "first" in Firenze this week. Near centro a man started mumbling swear words and blaspheming us, which wasn't unusual at all, I just pretended like I wasn't hearing him. Then as we walked by he dropped a bunch of F bombs and spat on me. First time some one has spat on me for being a missionary. It took a lot of self restraint not to turn and stomp him or something but I just kept walking. And then again that same day we saw him again and he started to say the same things only this time he didn't spit on me.
The other week I officially finished all the standard works of the church. So I started reading Jesus the Christ. I'm about 100 pages into it now. I'm learning a bunch.
Well, I hope that for next week I will be able to tell you about some new investigators we found. I love you all so much and miss you tons!
Anz. Trevor Mendel
Via Mannelli 121
50132 Firenze

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