Friday, October 26, 2012

October 3, 2012

Well, we had our baptism last week. **** was baptised the 29th and confirmed the 30th. We had a great service even though it wasn't very well attended by the ward. We were really excited to see her make it all the way to baptism and to see her as happy as she was that day. I brought my camera to attach pictures but for some reason the computer I'm using won't pull them up. I think I will be back at the internet point this afternoon. Around 5 or so my time and will try to use a different method to attach pictures. I really did take a ton of pictures this last week. Lots of amazing pictures that I want to send to you. Seeing as this was my last week here in the city.
So for transfers. As you and I expected I'm being transferred away from Alessandria, I'm really sad to leave this amazing ward and especially sad to not be able to see ***** and ********** get baptized because they are so close! Their baptism is next weekend. And they have been taught pretty much everything. On one hand the transfer sucks but my new city is pretty cool. President is sending me to Firenze (Florence). So I will be dying in the beautiful city of Firenze. I'm pretty excited to be in the best zone for the last few months of my mission. Now I just hope that there is something to do down there in terms of missionary work. But I really doubt it. I've never been blessed with a transfer to have current investigators in the city. So I guess we will just wait and see. My new comp I know nothing about. He is really young. He is going into his 3rd transfer (I'm in 14 now) his name is Anz. Frankum. I think that's how you spell it and that's all I know about him. 
So this last week my Comp has been really sick, so we've spent lots of time locked up in the apartment while he sleeps. It's been pretty boring for me. But he wasn't doing so well so sleeping was the best option.
Saturday night we had a ward activity in the church and it was a huge success. We had tons of investigators there and had a blast. The theme of the activity was the many ethinicities that the Alessandria ward has. We have like 11 different ethnicities here. So someone from each different country was to prepare a presentation on the country and prepare a type of food from the country. So we as missionaries represented the US. I made a Power point presentation and Friday while my comp slept I spent 4 hours making 10lbs of chocolate chip cookies. I literally made so many! And I'm proud to say they were definitely the overall favorite food there. I thought for sure that there would be some cookies left over but nope. All eaten up! I was getting compliments left and right and pleas for the recipe. The power point that I shared was fun too. We were all laughing and joking together. I really do feel at home here. I guess its been like that in every city for me.
Sunday we went to have lunch with the ******** family. (dont even try to pronounce that :)) He is the one that just barely opened up a new restaurant and is the famous pizza chef. His new Restaurant is so nice and instead of taking us home to eat at his house sunday he took us to the restaurant and we ate there. All to ourselves. He took us in the back and showed us how everything works. We have to make our way to his place in our Italy trip! It was just so good. The bread he makes and serves is the best bread I have ever tasted in my life. Just out of this world.

******, ****** and ***** are doing great. We saw them last night. They are on track for their baptism and I really see nothing stopping them. They are such a cute family. I will attach pictures later. I will really miss them.
So I will see what I can do in terms of a picture in my living enviornment. I might forget in the half a day I have left in Alessandria... I will try. I will send a bunch of pics later today.
Thanks for the update on the political world. Keep it coming!
Love you all so much and have a great week. If you want to ask something or respond quickly I will be on later. 
Anz. Mendel 

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