Friday, October 26, 2012

September 25, 2012

Well It's been another crazy week and this next week won't be much less crazy. I'm preparing to leave Alessandria. I really don't want to leave but that's how its been with all of my cities so It's just part of life. I will learn to love wherever I am. It's just exactly what you said mom, it will be tough to leave with so many people here making such great progress and getting really close to baptism. I know President is inspired though so he will do the right thing. It's crazy to think that my next city will most likely be my last city. He really could just send me anywhere. It would be nice to go to Milano but there are slim chances there. It feels great to know that I will be leaving this city with so much potential, we have a baptism this saturday so that will leave a fresh new convert to teach and then week one of the next transfer ****** and her son are pretty much for sure getting baptized and then so much more potential for the immediate future. Selfishly I really want to stay to see all the fruit from the hard work I put in to this city. When I arrived, there literally was nothing. But really If I harvest these baptisms or someone else it doesn't matter to me. The important part is they get baptized. It will be sad but not the end of the world. In the end it's exactly what you said. Who knows what will happen. 

So ******* passed her baptismal interview this last Saturday so she will be getting baptized this Saturday at 3:30. We are excited about that and hope everything goes off without problems. 

Main Highlight this week was definitely *******. This Sunday we had a real scare with her. In Gospel Principles, 2nd hour. The lesson was on Temple work and baptisms for the dead. I brought that up in the previous lesson so she had some questions that she wanted answered. And Gabriel the teacher this time did a great job at explaining it all and there were no problems. Near the end of the lesson she was asking questions to the whole class about the temple and what she has to do to enter. Naturally we started talking about her baptism. And of course she brought up that she had already been baptized within the last few years with another church. Gabriel just told her straight up that her baptism wasn't done with the proper authority and wasn't valid and that she needed to be baptized again with the proper authority. Something that she has already heard. Like 3 times. But something about this time it just clicked in her brain and she just broke down in front of the whole class. In tears. Members tried to comfort her but she wanted to leave the church. After she was convinced to stay for the 3rd hour we set up an appointment with her to come over that same afternoon to talk in a more personal environment. We got home after church and just hit the books, preparing a lesson for her. Trying to explain Authority and the restoration using as much of the bible as we could. We arrived at her house expecting the worst but not fully understanding why she broke down in church. I had initially thought it was because she had a problem with our church and didn't want to go through with the baptism. But I soon found out in the lesson that wasn't the case. She broke down because she couldn't believe that the pastor of her previous church would baptize her without the proper authority. She broke down because she thought she was baptized and was following commandments and then when she found out her baptism wasn't done right she was just crushed inside. She said she can't wait for her baptsm to be done right. She already has a super strong testimony and on top of that, that same night her x-husband was in town with her kids and he signed the permission for her and his kids to be baptized. Something that I've been worried about for awhile now. She is doing amazing. 

As for the "stand in Holy Places" It was definitely Elder Jenson's talk about the witness trees that I was talking about. When you asked me about this topic I immediatly came home and read President Monson's talk Stand in Holy places. In his talk he talks a lot about Prayer. As a way to be sure to always keep a stong relationship with Heavenly Father to stand in holy places. You might want to talk about prayer. 

So the subaru Outback is what your looking at? Sounds cool. As for me and a car I have no idea. I haven't really thought about it and honestly can't really remember the options. I'm kind of just out of the world at the moment. 

So I heard that the iPhone 5 came out this last week. Thinking about getting that Dad? you should that way you can give me your iPhone 4 when I get home ;) 

So something that you haven't been doing... Keeping me up on the political race for President. I heard from some members that Romney got caught saying something about not wanting to help poor people... What's happening? 

Well love you all so much. Can't wait to hear from you next week. I should have some good information to give you next week. 

Love Anz. Mendel 

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