Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 21, 2011

We see a ton of Amercan tourists here. We get stopped by them all the time. We kind of avoid the piazza dei Miracoli for that reason. But it's awesome to see them in church. Did that Family tell you about my talk..... Hah I found out about 5 min before I gave it that I was to speak that day. I was really nervous because I had nothing prepared. It's the American families who were there who liked it cause they had no idea what I was saying. Haha so yeah, I tried. I used 1 Peter 3:15 and tried to talk about how the best thing members can do for missionary work is to be an example. "an example of the believers". I talked about misisonary work not being so much the things we say or the things we do but more of who we are. "We become what we want to be by being what we want to become each day" Elder Richard G Scott. I really like that quote.
So Aaron is out on the mission now huh... That mom lunch thing is getting pretty big. I love Aaron and am sure he will be a good missionary. Who is left still home besides Ryan! That really is rough that he has to wait so long. I'll be back for 8 months before he gets home... dang...
I heard from Dani about the great experiences she is having at EFY, thats so cool.
So I still haven't received that thing you said you sent me awhile back... With the Riley pictures.... When did you send it? how did you send it? And Mom I really need some CDs like Lots of them.  If you dont want to send me normal soft music at least send me some soundtrack stuff... Just like famous intrumental music. Without lyrics... I need it....
I really am curious to see what will happen to me and the rest of my district next transfer. I hope I stay. Really its quite possible that My whole district will stay the same after this transfer.
Time really is flying by fast. June is almost over. My 2nd transfer is almost over. Its crazy to think back and see how fast things have gone.
Well, Love you mom. Thanks for everything. Good luck with the cake i wish I could be there to eat the cake shavings.
Aziano Mendel

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