Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23, 2011

Hey dad, thanks for your letter and advice. That experience I had with my friend was a definite testimony builder for me and for him I think. This week has been a wild one. With high highs and low lows. We have been fed a ton lately which is awesome but I'm worried the 7 years of plenty are near an end and the famine will soon sink in.... Who knows. Transfer calls come on Tuesday. I'm really worried about those. I'm not looking forward to my first transfer. Not at all. I love the people here in Pisa, There are so many members here that are just awesome it's gonna be hard to leave.
This last week, the 16th of June was Luminara, A holiday in Pisa and it was awesome. Every building along the river was lit up and they had a huge firework show. It's every 16th of June. You have to see it!
Yesterday for P day we went with Livorno district to Firenze, It was a lot of fun. But when I got back. I noticed that my bike, which was locked up, was missing the back wheel! Someone tried to break through our lock, couldn't so they decided to steal my back wheel, just mine too. Not my companion's. How lame is that. I had to carry my bike on my shoulder all the way back to my apartment from the station, close to 2 miles I would say. That was such a beast.
This week is junior comp, senior comp switch week, so I'm senior comp right now. So Giove has me start and lead all the lessons we have been teaching. We had an amazing lesson with a less active family about faith the other night using Alma 32. I tried to talk about how we can develop faith that will be able to overcome the trials and difficulties that are sure to come in this life. It was really a powerful lesson and the spirit was there so strong. I really feel like I'm getting the hang of this language and usually don't have a problem expressing the things I want to say. The member actually told me after the lesson how well I speak for only being out 3 months. So I'm feeling good right now.
Thanks always for your hard work and sacrifice for me. Love you
Anziano Mendel 

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