Monday, June 27, 2011

Randon Acts of Kindness

A few days ago I received a voicemail from a mother who had been vacationing in Pisa on a Wednesday and had spotted "the missionaries" riding their bikes through the center of town.  She waved them over and talked to them for a few minutes but they told her that they were on their way to teach an English class at the church and would be done at a certain time if they wanted to come back and talk again.  So she and her family went to visit the church and spent a nice amount of time talking with the missionaries.  One of them was Anziano Mendel.  She said that he looked good, that he seemed happy and that he had a great spirit about him.  She must have asked him for my phone number which she called while I was at an appointment so I wasn't able to speak to her myself.  But I was thrilled that she would take the initiative and ask Trevor for my number so that she could share this story from one "mother to another".

Thank you for your act of kindness.

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