Thursday, June 9, 2011

Visit from the Beckstrands

Well, I am happy to announce that Trevor looks great and seems to be doing well!  He met us at the Tower of Pisa today with a member named E******* (originally from Africa).  We chatted for awhile, we gave him your bag (and we brought peanut butter) and he was cute and had brought us some cookies (which were delicious).  They were nearby at a ward party for the national holiday today.  He lives just 5 minutes away from the Tower and led us towards his home to get gelato.  We got gelato with him, chatted for a few minutes and then said goodbye.  I asked him how things were going and he said good.  I'm sure you already know about his baptism last week.  He seemed in good spirits.  He said he mainly eats pasta that they cook for dinner and was excited to get the mixes you sent.  Here are some pictures.  I gave him a mom hug and wished him well.  It was nice to see him!

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