Thursday, June 9, 2011

May 21, 2011

Dear Family,

I hope everything is going good back home.  The last week has been interesting for me.  I finished my first transfer here in the mission.  Hah 15 to go.  Well as you know Anz. Schultz went home and I'm honestly kinda depressed about it. I miss him a lot but that's how a mission is I guess.  My new comp is Anz. Giove. He is a really hard worker.  I hope for good things together.  I feel like I'm getting better at the language though.  Understanding and speaking better. We're only speaking to each other in Italian so I guess I can't feel bad when there's nothing to say.  We'll learn the language together by SYL'ing all the time (speaking your language). The MTC group that was under me got to the country a few days ago.  Unfortunately the trainee that came to my district here is one who I didn't get to know very well and he looks so young.  Kinda funny.  My district is completely new now.

I wonder how district meetings will be.  It's still La Spezia, Pisa and Livorno.  We take a train to Livorno every Monday for district meetings.  Except this Monday.  The Firenze zone (me) and also the Bologna Zone have Zone Conference then so I should see some old friends from my MTC District there.  It's going to be a nightmare getting there though.  We have to be at the Church in Modena by 11:30, so to do that and to do that cheaply we have to take a regional train to Firenze that leaves at 6:54 am, then take an Intercity to Modena from Firenze and then a bus to the chapel.  Then we have Zone Conference and have to repeat the whole thing all over again to be back to Pisa.  It will be a long day.

The days are starting to get nice and toasty.  If the summer is anything like the last summer in Italy I'll be in for one for sure.  It was so hot last summer here.  I wonder if Pisa is similar to Rome in that way.

This last Tuesday, the night before me and Anz. Schultz left for Firenze we had dinner at a member's house.  It was so good.  I even got the recipe.  But they had this fruit for dessert that was so good.  It was called Nespole.  I'd never even heard of or seen fruit like it.  It kinda looked like apricots but it wasn't.  It was cool to try something so new.

Well, I love you all so much.  I'm happy to be here even when its hard and discouraging.  I know the lessons it's teaching me.  D******** is getting baptized this Sunday and I'm giving a talk at the service.  Its on Faith and Repentance, the first two principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It should hopefully turn out good.  Tons of love, Ciao Ciao See you soon.

Anziano Mendel

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