Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Earthquake May 2012

Well the big news.... The earthquake. The main quake was at 4:00am Sunday. So naturally I would be asleep at that time. And if you know me... I sleep like a rock so I didn't feel a thing. It didn't even wake me up. I'm kinda bummed about that too because everyone here was making such a big deal about it that I wanted to be invloved in the action as well. But nope, didn't even feel it. And it was rather powerful here in Mantova, The Dos Santos family told me they evacuated their house at 4 in the Morning with the rest of the apartment complex. So Mantova felt it pretty good. As for us missionaries, normal procedure. ZLs called me, I called the district we are all fine. The sisters were a lil freaked out but all in all it wasn't that big of a deal and I honestly haven't heard much of it in the last few days. I think maybe you got a story a lil exaggerated because things are back to normal here now. 400,000 parmesan cheese roles destroyed? That was a joke right? haha

This week has been pretty good. We are finding some new investigators steadily and it looks like I will be able to accomplish my goal of leaving this city much better then how I found it. This week we had a great finish off to the week, strong miracle. Sunday night we passed by a new convert who has been a little less active these last months and we haven't seen him much because he works so often. We passed by to find him at home along with a house full of Brazilian family friends, (he's brazilian). We went into the other room where I asked him if he thinks maybe the others in the house would be interested in watching a lil 20 min film in Portuguese. He left the room to ask and quickly returned with everyone. 6 in total. His non member parents and then their friends. We watched the Restoration film and everyone loved it. The spirit was definitely there. After we bore testimony and invited them to church for the
next week. They all said they would come with the new convert and all wanted a copy of the BOM.

That cool family that we found last week are out of town this week so we look forward to good things from them when they return. So next week is transfer week... I'm excited to find out about my next city. I think its close to impossible that I will stay here for another. Guess
you never know but most likely I will be transfered. My dream next city would be San Remo...

Well Love you all tons! Don't ever worry about me here I'm fine! Happy Birthday again to Justin. And I will talk to you all next week!

Anz. Mendel

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