Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 12, 2012

Hey Family,
So it's been a pretty good week for me. Getting to know the city, the members, and my comp better. I really am liking Alessandria. We've had some good success this last week and to answer the question we've been fed a bunch! I'm hardly eating my own food. Anz. Memmott and I get along great. No problems there. He's a great missionary and I think we'll see great sucess together.
Last week we contacted a lady on the street named M*****, Older lady in her late 50s probably. So she's still kickin it. She was really interested in learning about who we were. We set up an appointment for that Thursday . She came and we taught the restoration. It was an amazing lesson. The spirit so strong. We invited her to baptism that first lesson. She didn't accept but didn't reject it at the same time. She wanted to find out more first. She took the BOM and said she would start reading it. "starting today" she said. So I have great hopes for her.
Doing finding work this last week in the city has been tough. We have been able to talk with people on the streets and in parks but knocking doors inside the city has just rendered nothing. A member suggested that we go just a lil bit outside the city to other suburbs to do casa. So this week we took a 5 min bus ride outside of the city and did a couple hours of casa. And we found a great new investigator. In fact a family. At first, at the door they weren't interested at all. Usually I don't insist too much but this time I felt impressed to keep inviting them and bare testimony of the family and the restoration of the church. We saw a change in the countenance and they accepted a return appointment. We left them with a prayer in the front room. After the woman was almost in tears and told us she felt such a stong spirit when we walked into the house. This was a great sucess that we had this week following the advice of a member in the city and a great learning experience for me knowing when to insist a lil and when to leave it alone.
Thanks for your letters and love. I am so thankful to have an amazing family like you! Talk to you soon! Have a great summer season.
Anz. Mendel 

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