Wednesday, June 20, 2012

May 29, 2012 - Another Earthquake

Yep, so this time I definitely felt the earthquake. How could I not have. It was a crazy experience. I was in the bathroom doing my hair and the house just started rocking back and forth. It wasn't large enough to bring much fear, at least for me that is. Some members here were really shook up. We spent much of the day with the a family who was without their dad and pretty worried. Overall it was a cool thing to experience first hand. Don't worry I'm fine. 

As for transfers, as expected I will be transferred. My next city and companion will be Alessandria, the other side of the mission with Anz. Memmott. He is going into his 3rd transfer so he is pretty new. I will be his 2nd comp. This is the zone of the mission nearest France. And there are a lot of cool cats in the zone these days. Lots of friends. Anz. Free is still in San Remo. Anz. Sciarretta will be going to Torino also. Anz. Owens is staying here and will recieve an dying missionary 15th transfer. Anz. Healey. From what I've heard Alessandria is a very functional Ward and is really good help to the missionaries. I'm excited for this new experience to work in a ward and hope to see some good success. 

I'm sad to leave Mantova, but it really is the time for me to leave. I need a change and I'm happy enough about the draw I pulled. Follow up training at times can be really hard. Hopefully it will be good. 

Some of the new brazilians that we have been working with came to church this week and we were really excited about that. That is a real milestone for them and hopefully they will keep on coming even though I will have no way to know for sure. 

So.... Davis moved downstairs huh?... That's fine. He can keep it safe for me til I return. Tell him he will really have to start doing some pushups and pullups if he hopes to keep it. Not likely though ;) 

Thanks for the emails this week and I hope I have nothing but great things to tell you next week about my new city and companion. Love you all so much and thank you always for your prayers and support. 

Anz. Mendel 

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