Thursday, August 16, 2012

July 18, 2012

I'm glad to hear about the overall success at girls camp, mom! I was praying for you each night that everthing would go smoothly! How cool is that, you had a GA at your girls camp. I'm jealous. 

Well this week for me has been all right. I was really sad to see my last comp leave so soon. My new comp, Anz. Hatch is from California, Bay Area. He is in his 7th transfer. Things with us are just fine. He's a great missionary. He is super obedient and always wants to work hard and never wastes time. I'm the senior comp. I want to work hard and I'm sure there is lot to learn from my current comp. 

Our investigators are doing really well. We were finally able to do contact an investigator who we haven't seen in a month.  We saw him this sunday and had a great lesson and set a bap date with him. During the lesson his brother came in and and asked us if we had ever heard the name 'Nicasio' that is the last name of their mother. He told us they were searching for the origins of the name. I simply said i have never heard that name before and we went on with the lesson. At the end as we were about to leave I mentioned the name again and starting talking to them a lil about geneology work and the church. I offered to help search for ancestors and they just lit up. I took the name and date of birth and will try with the members to find her family tree. Hopfully I will be able to. 

The work is going well, thank goodness. Summer is still hot but we are getting by. Time is just really flying on by. 

Mom don't forget to send me your outline/themes/plan for your girls camp so I can share it with the Young Women's pres here. Thank you. 

Man Dad you are a trooper for being up there all week. Doesn't sound like the break from work that you needed but I know you will be blessed for it. 

I Love you all so much and I'm so thankful for your weekly letters! Thank you! 

Anz. Mendel 

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