Thursday, August 16, 2012

July 11, 2012

So how goes Girls' camp? Sounds to me like it's just been a big headache ;) I'm sure you cant wait til the end of the week to have it all behind you! I hope it's been a success so far and you are able to help out the young women. Dad you're such a trooper helping out like you are. Your email made me laugh so hard. You always have been so good at getting down into the trenches and going to work and then the most important part... Keeping your mouth shut when someone should be reproved. I wish I had more of that. My mouth just goes flying sometimes. I just say it as it is. I need to be more like you in that regard. Mom, Talking about Girls camp. I made friends with the Stake young women's president here who is in the Alessandria ward and I told her about your calling. She is a newlywed and she was very interested in how your camp is planned out. Do you think it would be possible for you to foward me your plans for the girls camp so I can share them with her here? Your theme and activites and stuff like that. Thanks.
Wow this week has been a crazy week. We've seen tons of success this last week. But first transfer news. My comp is leaving me, It's really disappointing but that's my life. He is going to Prato, close to Firenze. My new comp here is Anz. Hatch. I don't know much about him.  So.... yeah... Hey!  Anz. Memmott is definitely one of my fav comps though. He and Anz. Weller. I'm just sad we could only do 1 together.
So this week has been crazy missionary work. We found an all time high of 11 new investigators last week. So you could say we have a teaching pool now. It's been a long transfer of finding work and here at the end we have been so so blessed. The lord works in strange ways. Practically no one for 4 weeks and then BOOM all at once. I hope we can really milk this opportunity and see some baptisms.
This sunday we had an amazing miracle. We have been trying to contact this X investigator from the Area Book for almost 3 weeks now. We've called and set up appointments but for one reason or the other we haven't been able to see him. This sunday we decided to do some finding work near his house. We started with some casa and made our way to his house. We knocked on his door (not knowing exactly what door was his) his wife came out and realized who we were and simply stated that Antonio (her husband-the x investigator) wasn't there. Right as the words left her mouth the door rang and Antonio walked up the stairs and invited us in. We learned that they had investigated the church about a year back and the missionaries just stoped coming. They had a BOM. We taught them the restoration and they accepted a bap date right then and there. This was a great miracle to end an amazing week.
So that's about it. Genova last week was amazing. Such a beautiful city. This week the big italian sales started! So... Time for some shopping ;) I love you all so much and good luck with the rest of girls camp!
Anz. Mendel 

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