Thursday, August 16, 2012

June 27, 2012

I think this week passed even faster than last week. The days are hot and long and we have been doing a fair amount of finding work. Our one ray of hope right now is that man *********.  However, since last week we haven't been able to teach them. Last Thursday, we had an appointment with him at 4:30. He lives a lil outside of the city and it's a 10-15 min bus ride to get there. We arrived at the bus stop just before 4:00 and ended up waiting for the bus til after 5:00 the whole time not being able to call him because earlier that morning we had a lunch appointment with an older sister in the ward who asked me if I could change the filter on her air conditioner. Bending over to replace it I took my planner with his number in it out of my shirt pocket and placed it on the table. And stupid me forgot to grab it on the way out. We got to ******** house around 5:30 and he wasn't there, Just his mom was home. We saw on the table though his Book of Mormon, 3 glasses of water and some snacks he had put out for us. It was devistating to know that he had been prepared and waiting for us and we never showed up. His mom gave him the message that we passed by and we called him that night and everything is good. We haven't been able to see him after cause he has been busy with his brother who is sick in the hospital. Hopefully we can see him this week.
We've just had some long days full of finding this week. Luckily the ward here  invites us over often enough. We have some members who are working with some potential referrals so hopefully we can see somthing happen there.
Last night we found a Jack pot apartment complex and found some new contacts. We will see how things go there as we return for follow up appointments. I'm just really trying to turn our situation around here. It's just so hard sometimes with the summer heat. For us and for the people we are contacting.
We went and saw an awesome member this week who has been in the hospital for awhile with an infection of some kind. I made him brownies. Hah you should have seen his face when I pulled those brownies out of my backpack. Just pure joy. Living on the hospital food for 2 weeks he had been dying. It was nice to make his day with some American made brownies.
Well let me know how the 50 miler goes for Davis. I remember I lost like 8lbs on that thing. I love you tons and have a surprise that I will be sending home to you soon here in the next 2 weeks or so. Love you all so much, thanks for all your love and hard work on my behalf. Talk to you next week.
PS. Landon and I have already decided that we will be each other's valentines for next year. Miranda can 3rd wheel if she wants. :)
Love Anz Mendel 

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